Liquidizer Vaults

Liquidizer Vaults are designed to automate yield farming on top of illiquid farms and "liquidize" them.

Parameters of Liquidizer Vaults are:

  • Reserves: The amount of liquid reserves in the Vault that are not locked in the underlying protocol and available for users to withdraw.

  • Reserve Ratio: The ratio of liquid reserves in the Vault as a percentage of the total Vault TVL.

  • Target Reserve Ratio: The Reserve Ratio the Vault aims to maintain.

  • Amp: The StableSwap parameter the Vault uses to calculate withdrawal "slippage".

When a user withdraws:

  • Any amount that does not bring Reserves below Target Reserves is withdrawn as normal.

  • Any amount that brings Reserves below Target Reserves experiences "slippage" as if they were trading against a StableSwap pool with 2 balances: Reserves and Target Reserves.

For example, if a user were to withdraw 100 FTM from a Vault with Reserves of 1000 FTM and a Target Reserve of 2000 FTM, it would be as if he was selling 100 FTMA to a StablePool with 2000 FTMA and 1000 FTMB.

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