Flair DEX veFLDX

How It Works


  • They have a 2.5X Boost function for their LP farms. If a user stakes $FLDX as a veNFT, locking it for a period of time, they will receive Boosts on the LP farms they stake in.

  • The larger the veNFT they have, the more they will be able to Boost the LP farms.


1️⃣ autoCompunding vaults for Liquidity Pool farms

  • These vaults collect $FLDX emissions from the farm, and autoCompound them back into the LP, increasing the number of tokens in the LP

  • The veNFT in the Liquid veFLDX Vault (explained below) will Boost the APY for these vaults, up to 2.5X


  • User A forms a AVAX-USDC LP, and farms it for 50% APR, manually harvesting the $FLDX rewards every few days. User A has no Boosted rewards because he doesn't lock $FLDX for any veFLDX

  • User B forms a AVAX-USDC LP, and stakes in our AVAX-USDC Vault. The $FLDX rewards are autoCompounded few times a day, swapping $FLDX to AVAX and USDC, forming more AVAX-USDC LP, and adding on to the original stake. User B gets 125% APR (2.5X Boosted rewards) even if he doesn't lock $FLDX for veFLDX.

TL/DR 👉Users can autoCompound their LP with Boosted rewards, without needing to lock $FLDX to veFLDX themselves.

2️⃣ Liquid veFLDX Vault (acsFLDX)

  • Users stake their $FLDX in the vault, getting a acsFLDX receipt token, and get benefits as if they locked veFLDX themselves (trading fees/bribes/rebases etc.). Our strategy then locks the $FLDX for max period, getting max veFLDX voting power.

  • 50% of Boosted rewards from ALL our LP Vaults, are rewarded to acsFLDX (veFLDX Vault) holders

  • This veFLDX Vault allows users to withdraw $FLDX at any time, where otherwise their veFLDX would be locked for 4 years

*Note: Withdrawals are subject to available $FLDX in the Vault Reserves. Reserves are constanly topped up from above-mentioned sources (bribes/Boost Rewards etc.). Vault Strategy is based on our Liquidizer Vault (one of our other unique strategies, more info here)

TL/DR 👉 Users stake their $FLDX, gets full locking benefits without locking, gets rewards APY from all our LP Vaults on Flair DEX

The more $FLDX staked in the veFLDX Vault, the higher the Boosted APY for the LP vaults↩️

The more the LP vaults gain TVL, the more rewards go to the veFLDX Vault↩️

3️⃣ acsFLDX-FLDX LP vault

  • Users can pair their acsFLDX token (Liquid veFLDX Vault receipt) with $FLDX, forming an LP

  • The voting power from the single-token veFLDX Vault will be directed to the acsFLDX-FLDX LP farm *voting strategy might be adjusted after initial launch period, based on TVL and APY

  • Based on the weekly voting %, the farm receives $FLDX emissions.

  • Users can form the LP and stake in our acsFLDX-FLDX Vault, autoCompounding more of acsFLDX-FLDX

  • This acsFLDX-FLDX LP provides another method for users to exit their acsFLDX position back to $FLDX

TL/DR 👉 Users get max APY by staking in Liquid veFLDX Vault, then using the receipt acsFLDX token to stake further in acsFLDX-FLDX Vault


Investing in FLDX-acsFLDX Vault

  1. Buy $FLDX on https://app.flairdex.xyz/swap

  2. Stake $FLDX in our veFLDX Vault, and get acsFLDX receipt token

  3. Form FLDX-acsFLDX LP at https://app.flairdex.xyz/liquidity

  4. Stake in our FLDX-acsFLDX Vault

Additional Notes:

The above vaults can be used independent of each other.

Withdrawal fees: 0.1%

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