Vaults with Farm

ACryptoS Vaults grow your assets via automated yield Strategies.

ACryptoS Vaults save users time and enables higher yields through creative automations, optimal compounding frequency, and highly efficient gas utilisation.

When you deposit into a Vault, your tokens will grow over time. You do not need to manually harvest the vaults.

Most Vaults have a Farm where you can Stake your deposit to earn ACS or ACSI, a stake in the protocol.

*The only exceptions being the ACS Vault and ACSI Vault, where there is no need to Stake after depositing.

Our Vaults may offer up to three different types of returns depending on the Vault and what the user chooses to do which we have labelled as:

  • Swap APY

  • Vault APY


Swap APY represents the rate at which the monetary value of the deposited Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens rises at. This yield is generated through the swap fees gained as a Liquidity Provider.

Vault APY refers to the yield generated from Vault Strategies.

ACS APR is the rate at which ACS rewards are given to users that stake their tokens.

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How to use ACryptoS Vaults and Farms (Video Tutorial) - contributed by CryptoBKT (Hsing)

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Frequently Asked Questions

ACS and ACSI Vault

ACS Vault and ACSI Vault are vaults for our native/governance tokens, which receive a good share of the ongoing token emissions, and most of the protocol fees are used to buy-back ACS and ACSI and redistribute them in these Vaults.

Venus Vaults

These Vaults stake recursively on Venus at ~7.6X leverage, farm XVS and swap it for more of the staked token.

At start, users may notice the value of their holdings in the Vault slowly decreasing on each block.

This is normal because we are using leverage on Venus, and the borrow amount increases faster than the supply amount. Also the value of the farmed XVS is not included at start.

The balance will increase once XVS is included (after each harvest of the Vault).


Advanced Yield Farming Strategies on Venus protocol - by x.ACryptoS

CAKE Vault

This Vault stakes and farms CAKE on PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap Liquidity Provider (LP) Vaults

These Vaults stake PancakeSwap LP tokens, farms CAKE and swaps it for more of the staked LP tokens.

MDX Vault

This Vault stakes and farms MDX on Mdex.

Mdex Liquidity Provider (LP) Vaults

These Vaults stake Mdex LP tokens, farms MDX and swaps it for more of the staked LP tokens.


Anyone can help harvest an ACryptoS Vault and earn the harvester's reward as a gas subsidy. This decentralises the automation of our vaults.

You do not need to do this as a normal user, your holdings in the Vault will compound automatically.

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