Farming our Tokens

ACS and ACSI are distributed via ACryptoS Farms to incentivise liquidity providers and share a stake in the protocol with our users.

Most Vaults and StableSwap pools will have a corresponding Farm where they can be staked to earn ACS or ACSI. Be sure to stake in the Farm after depositing into a Vault or StableSwap pool.

Farm Rewards Boost

Governance Vault (ACS or ACSI) holdings are used to boost their respective Farm rewards by up to 2.5X.

The amount of boost is determined via the following formula:

1.5 * [% user's share of Governance Vault] * [TVL in Farm]


User deposits 20 LTC in Vault&Farm, there is 1500 LTC in the farm in total, and user has 1% share of the ACS Vault.

His available boost is 1.5 * 1% * 1500 = 22.5 LTC, so a share of 20 + 22.5 = 42.5 LTC will be used to calculate his ACS Rewards.

If he deposits only 1 LTC, it will be boosted up to the maximum 2.5X of 2.5 LTC.

If he deposits 100 LTC, it will be boosted to 100 + 22.5 = 122.5 LTC.

  • User's boost is updated on the following event:

    • Stake

    • Un-stake

    • Harvest

    • Force boost

  • User's boost calculation is for each farm individually.

User Interface

Current Boost: The current boost you are getting in the farm from your ACS Vault holdings. Future Boost: The boost you will get after you stake/un-stake/harvest. Pressing 'Force' will update this boost manually. For 2.5X: The amount of vaulted ACS you need to get the maximum boost on your current Farm stake. 2.5X On First: The amount you can stake in the Farm that will get the maximum boost based on your current vaulted ACS.


How to use ACryptoS Vaults and Farms (Video Tutorial) - contributed by CryptoBKT (Hsing)

ACS v2 farms boost calculator - contributed by Abdul R and CryptoBKT (Hsing)

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