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BNB Native Liquid Staking

The first native liquid staking BNB product on BSC, featuring fully automated, on-chain de-centralized operations.
The first native liquid staking BNB product on BSC, launched on 9 Feb 2023.
Featuring fully automated, on-chain de-centralized operations, utilizing the new native staking system contract on BSC, implemented via BEP-153.
The use of the native staking system contract means that all operations between BSC and BC are performed on-chain, providing a transparent and secure process.
This Vault is a Liquidizer Vault and a reserve of BNB is kept on BSC to enable immediate withdrawals. When reserves run low, an undelegation is triggered on BC to automatically top them up, subject to the 7-day unbonding period.

Verification Reference

Note: reward accumulates on BC and gets sent back to BSC when it reaches > ~1 BNB.
Note: Explorer does not show delegations on delegate address page, but you can verify them from the validators' pages - reward address -> staking tab -> any validator -> delegators tab -> scroll and search for delegate address
First staking reward: Reward received on BSC -> Reward claimed on BSC
Note: when BNB reserves in the Vault are low, Harvest will trigger an undelegation to top up the reserves.

Verify reserves on BSC staking system contract

Read contract on BscScan, verify using methods getTotalDelegated, getDelegated: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000002001
For delegator address, use the Vault address: 0x09A18250f99118f40a5D992D537E24b8BD9880F3
For validator address, convert validator's BC address from bech32 to hex.